#1 Can we trigger inspiration?

Can we trigger inspiration?

Lots of people ask me the question how to get inspiration to write a song, a lyric or a speech. Well to begin with, sitting behind your desk or instrument, feeling stucked not really getting forward, is something you shouldn't waste your time with, is it?

Instead of this: free yourself, free your mind of anything that is occupying you at the moment. Go and do something physical that needs part of your concentration and includes motorics. Any sport you love doing or something else that includes physical activity. It should take a few hours and take you out of your daily surrounding. Most likely you should be by yourself, so you don't get distracted by other people.

For me going for a ride in the Swiss alps is just perfect. It keeps me going for a few hours. High concentration is needed while riding; the body is occupied with balancing and body tension. I still get impressed, even after years, by the overwhelming force of nature just looking at the beautiful mountain landscape that I am passing by.

It is like the mountains are spreading a message: "Hey you there. We were here before you and we will be here after you are gone." It puts things in the right perspective. You'll find yourself in a state of "being in the moment".

And suddenly there it is, the phrase, the melody, the word. You start to brainstorm by yourself (or maybe talking to the mountains ;). The idea gets more clear all the time. Maybe there is a little break (you just had to make a picture of that waterfall). But it keeps developing in your mind. Suddenly you got the feeling: this is it. This is good.

That is the moment. I advise you to immediately pick up your smartphone and make a voice recording. Or to write it down when it is text without melody.

Maybe you won't need it right away. But you keep it in your liberary of ideas, ready to be used once you need it.

Like on a rainy day.. like today.. Which also answers the question: What to do on a rainy day, when you can not go for a ride in the mountains..?

„Dare to share“ question:

What do you do to bring yourself in a state of "being in the moment"?

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