Sore throat? How pure honey can save your presentation.

It can happen anytime, but especially in the autumn season. You are fully prepared, ready for your presentation - it could be online or in person, but this morning you woke up with a starting sore throat. The moment you feel it coming up, to get the best result, you should take action immediately.

You feel soreness, if you start to speak it hurts a bit? You might start to cough a bit too? You get a tickling feeling in the throat that makes you cough even more? What to do?

1. Do not cough; try to swallow. It will have the same effect, but prevents your throat from getting worse because of coughing.

2. Drink herbal tea with pure honey.

Herbal teas

Pure honey

Use pure honey only, to get the effect that the soreness in your throat gets relieved; exclude honey which has been sweetened with fruit sugar.

How can you tell the difference?

Pure honey you`ll find in biological & healthy product stores, directly at your local farmer and also at some supermarkets. Most of times you`ll find the beekeeper`s name on the label. It will also inform you about the season: when it has been produced and which type of flowers the bees used most. Pure honey might be twice the price of honey sweetened with fruit sugar.

Optimize the effect

You do not feel some relieve in your throat after having half a teaspoon of pure honey or a cup of tea with a full teaspoon of pure honey?

Then most likely you did not use pure honey or you waited too long (half a day or more). Also be careful not to limit the effect by having other things like sugerised softdrinks, alcohol, intensive herbs in your food, etc.

During your presentation

Put a cup of tea with a spoon of pure honey ready on the side when you start your presentation. At the moment your throat starts itching or you need to cough, try swallowing first. If it does not help, take a sip of tea, let it soak your throat a bit and then swallow it slowly.

Do not use sugarised sweeties; it`ll increase the tickling, thus coughing.

Optimize communication

Inform your listener in the beginning of your presentation about your sore throat. This way you`ll create understanding and compassion rather then misunderstood body language.

Enjoyable sustainability

Maybe think of supporting your local beekeepers by buying their honey? They usually take good care of their bees, which is a nice thing to know?

Also do not forget to just enjoy a super tasteful, high quality product ;)