"If you can speak, you can sing"  

- Cece Lee, vocal coach

Cece Lee NL /CH , vocal coach

founder of:  vocalcoach4u.ch , `Basic Voicetraining` a singer`s guide with practical exercises, evasmusicfactory.ch private music school in Zurich, CH since 2008.

studied: music performance, music pedagogics,  voice anatomy,  composition and music production at the royal conservatory The Hague Netherlands,  Zurich & Basel Switzerland.

Requests via Eva`s Music Factory: 0041765161040

e-mail: cecelee@vocalcoach4u.ch

skype & co: Cece Lee 

Facebook: CeceLeeVocalCoach

Linkedin: Cece E Lee


Music school

Cece Lee has founded 'Eva's Music Factory' the private bilingual music school in Zurich, Switzerland in 2008. 

Vocal Coach

Besides that she has over 20 years experience as a vocal coach for singers and speakers. She coaches singers to improve their live performances. At studio recordings she coaches singers and recording engineers to get optimal results out of the singer`s voices. Her coaching also includes song writing and many other skills that can be found by scrolling down this site.


can also profit from her long time experience. With her vocal coaching they can optimize their presenting skills. This includes besides improving the sound of the voice also skills like body language and microphone handling. 

Team building

For firms Cece Lee offers vocal coaching team building events. A group voice training is a great team event which brings people closer together and helps improving the team spirit in a very playful way. 

For singing students 

Cece Lee developed the unique learning method 'basic voice-training' which includes exercises based on her 20+ years of experience. This method allows beginners to accomplish their first performance with only 5 minutes of exercising a day, 5 days a week, during a period of half a year! 

“Thank you Cece Lee for the intensive voice & studio coaching for my first song - back right now” L. Fischer 

Video SRF click here

“We would like to thank Cece Lee for the group voice coaching in preperation of our new Upstream cd recordings.” S.Walder 

A few possible subjects for a  professional singer:

Random subjects:

“Thank you for achieving a 6 (highest grade) for music for my Matura Diplom”  A. Hering 

“Thanks to Cece Lee I passed the entrance exam for Rhythmus & Beweging”  A. Spanke 

Sing your favorite song  live on that special occasion

How does it work? 

You`ll be preparing your favorite song with Cece Lee for that special occasion. During the party ,Cece Lee and band - according to your wishes, entertain your friends with live music. During your special moment Cece Lee supports you while your singing your song live,  which will become a everlasting memory for your guests / special guest!

A few possible subjects for a beginner:

Cece Lee`s vocal coaching includes:

Health & endurance:

Performance & presentation:

Voice & performance optimization:

Working with third parties:

Songwriting coaching:

Singing: how can I get started?

These days, you can get your first inputs by simply watching some youtube or instagram videos. If you feel ready to take it to the next level then just start with a voice check. 

Sing your favorite tune

Prepare one or two of your favorite songs. Preparing means memorizing the lyrics and the melody as well as you can. Sing along with the original song for a while until you feel comfortable  singing it along with a karaoke track. (You`ll find these on youtube or on websites like www.karaoke-version.de ). Once you feel comfortable with this, it is time to set your first voice check appointment. 

Let your coach know which songs you would like to sing and in the ideal case, bring a copy of the lyrics with you or send it in your online session. Your coach will most likely give you lots of feedback and will make notes for you while you are singing.

Last but not least, your coach will check your vocal range and do some exercises with you to check how fit your voice is. 

Getting closer to your goal

After all this you will get reliable feedback about your present level. You`ll be asked what your goals are, then you`ll get a general timeline about how much effort and time you would need to reach your goals.

You`ll have some personalized exercises to work on right away (every person has different areas to focus on). Which already get you started on your way.

Every voice is unique!

Cece Lee 

“We thank Cece Lee for the amazing recording session. It was great fun recording my favorite songs with the girls for my wedding shower.” D.Kälin 



Website contact:

Eva`s Music Factory Zürich, Switzerland



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